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Since 1974 innovative research and MADE IN ITALY have been our philosophy.

Our constant presence on the global market and the continuous work of a passionate team devoted to developing new products for that market, allow Sicce to set worldwide standards of quality and innovation.

Listening to the market, listening to understand, understanding to produce customer satisfaction all over the world. Sicce product quality starts long before our products are born. Our team is passionately committed to customer satisfaction.

Interpreting the market
Seeking new solutions
Developing techlonogy
Delivering quality
The very best customer service
All of this, every day, is Sicce’s goal.

Our products offer consumer value because:
they bring together innovative technology and energy efficiency.
high Standard Quality of production processes
High quality raw materials
Unique Italian design

Our strengths
Complete ranges of exclusive products
Cutting edge technologies
Unparalleled customer service
In a world always more sensitive to energy conservation, ecology and safety, we develop innovative applications for permanent magnet motor technology.

Showing all 17 results