Basics Of Petting Your Little Nemo

Basics Of Petting Your Little Nemo

Petting a fish is a lot more facile than pup or kitty parenting. These adorable creatures make just about perfect pets with minimal requirements. The right fodder, fresh and fun environment are the primary requirements you need to fulfil and they are good to go. Below is the list of some suggestions for making your little one’s stay a lot happier and more comfortable than usual.

Choosing the Correct Breed

Guppies, Betas and Goldfish are buoyant and merry aqua-pals.

Neon and Cardinal tetras, cory cats and gouramis can make your aquarium look vibrant and colourful. Their slender bodies and graceful moments with a variety of colours is the best embellishment you can give to your cave.

Adding an algae eater like an apple snail to their environment will work great for both you and your pets.

Say No To Bijou Bowls

No to pet bowls
No to pet bowls

Space constraint is the worst thing you can make your pal to go through. Make sure the aquarium is big enough to inhabit all your little creatures and they get ample space to swim and play around.

Food Specifications

Your fish need a proper nutrition just as you do. The right amount of appropriate munch is the key. Fishes have a very poor memory hence they eat until they burst. Take care of the food time table and the portion you feed them. Flakes, dead worms and pellets work fine until over-fed.

The Don’t Dos!

Do not change the water in your tank too often as it makes adjusting to the tank a gnarling experience for your fishes. Your aqua-pals are gentle, tapping hard on the tank or making weird noises to play with your fish is a very bad idea as it scares them away. Spending time and interacting with your fish is essential else they tend to feel ignored which is not a very good idea.

Enjoy with your aquatic pals and give them a long healthy life by banking on just a couple of things mentioned above.

Happy Parenting!

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